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About Us

About Us

The concept of d’ (d-prime) comes from signal detection theory and represents the separation between signal and noise. Our company was founded on this principle. We use an array of signal processing techniques, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) to identify truly important patterns in data.

Knowing what is important is only part of the puzzle. Innovation and transformation driven by this knowledge are 24/7/365 endeavors. Thus, we combine our AI and ML services with software, cloud, and mobile implementations to deliver real-time, reliable, accessible, and comprehensive solutions.

Our team is comprised of PhD-level data scientists, physicists, former DoD scientists, former HHS analysts, healthcare professionals, and engineers. We follow the best practices in AI/ML while keeping up to date with the latest technology and software innovations. Together, we have developed robust AI/ML solutions that span from real-time, deployable control systems to healthcare utilization forecasting tools. We are open to all challenges, with primary experience in healthcare, defense, and scientific applications.

Practice Areas & Capabilities

Our experience in choosing the right AI/ML algorithm for a given application is central to our success. Capitalizing on this knowledge, we practice in multiple areas including Reseach and Development, Integrated Software Applications, Mobile Technologies/Applications, and Cloud Deployment.

Research & Development

From medical device development to social media natural language processing, our team has tackled tough questions with big data. We offer a complete R & D solution by understanding data through AI/ML and providing human-interpretable results through a variety of multimedia.

Software Engineering

We provide custom software & data engineering and support. From new implementations to supporting legacy systems; we utilize industry best practices to seamlessly incorporate AI/ML. Building upon our experience, we deliver high quality products with embedded AI/ML for a variety of end applications.

Mobile and Wearables

For mobile and wearable solutions we provide full stack development on iOS and Android. From mobile gaming to COVID-19 contact-tracing we develop deployable solutions that close the loop with mobile users. Our team is well prepared to develop mobile device software infrastructure powered with AI/ML.


We are highly experienced integrators of AI/ML within the cloud. Most of today's applications require implementation, interaction and tenacy within the cloud. We are cloud agnostic and work within multiple providers such as AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning expertise

Computer Vision

Using convolutional neural networks and other deep learning approaches we can process, parse, quantify, and model moving and still images.

Big Data Mining

Now more than ever, vast amounts of data are being generated from a variety of sources. Finding useful and predictable patterns in those data can deliver transformative insights.

Natural Language Processing

Volumes of human knowledge are written through social media, news outlets, and scientific manuscripts. Extracting useful information from those sources provides an almost instant meta-analysis of human knowledge and sentiment.


Predicting the future is a tough problem. Our team uses the latest tools computationally and algorithmically to deliver the most accurate forecast possible. We use combinations of transfer learning, closed-form simulation, time domain modeling and deep learning to deliver forecasts for multiple timescales.

Get in touch & Let's discuss your project

Our main office is outside Washington D.C., however our team is distributed across multiple time zones in the US and abroad. In the past we have worked with clients to:

  1. Incorporate AI/ML but don't really know what AI/ML is and/or how to integrate it into their project
  2. Update legacy processes for analyzing and presenting large volumes of data
  3. Optimize prototype applications/algorithms for speed and accuracy
  4. Develop a system that streams real-time data for analysis and provides instantaneous results
  5. Find answers from complex scientific, financial, healthcare, and corporate data

We can provide a brief educational overview of AI/ML or do a deep dive into our nuanced approaches. Allow us to transform our experience and expertise into your success.